Jessica Moltisanti- Owner

"Reach For The Stars”

Jessica’s slogan which derived from everything her Mother taught her throughout her life, is the message she wants to pass down to all of her athletes. 

Jessica has cheered her heart out from middle school through high school and then coached her High School team at the age of 18 until 23, winning many UCA Regional championships and placing in Finals at UCA High School Nationals, commonly seen on ESPN. She then moved onto coaching at one of the first all-star gyms on Long Island, which sparked her interest in the all-star world.  She holds hundreds of competitive titles as well as many positive life experiences for all of her athletes she has coached over the years. She has choreographed for many high school and all-star teams as well over the past two decades. Jessica is also a former Special Education/ Elementary Education teacher, whom utilizes her techniques and strategies from the classroom in the gym to motivate and teach her athletes. She has also organized, supervised and been a head instructor of many summer camps and clinics. Jessica had a strong passion for cheerleading and was always successful with the teams she worked with, which pushed her to achieve her goal of opening her own gym! Zone Cheer All-Stars Inc. began in 2009 by Jessica Moltisanti for a group of girls in the World Golf Village, who had never cheered before.  Jessica coached them to gain interest in the sport, as well as aid in growth of the cheer community in North Florida, specifically in St. John’s County.  Jessica utilizes all of her cheer experiences to coach girls and boys in progressing their skills and to become confident athletes as well as strong individuals. Jessica's gym focus is to coach wonderful athletes of great character and spread kindness to others. 
Jessica plans to enhance on all of her coaching skills for years to come and provide a high quality private setting for school cheer training, recreational cheer, competitive cheer and cheerleading tumbling classes. Today Zone Cheer is known for having very creative, clean and award winning routines. Zone Cheer has become everything Jessica has wished for and more it went from 1 team of 16 in 2009 to a gym full of teams for all ages and houses over 600 athletes within the entire program in 2021.  
Throughout the years Jessica Moltisanti has coached many teams who have won many awards including the judges choice award for tumbling choreography, innovative choreography, showmanship, best pyramid and the list goes on. Along with Zone Cheer’s first Triple Crown win, Cheersport National Championship, UCA National Championship and NCA National Championship.  Jessica is very proud of her competitive teams that have been extremely successful at many events around the Allstar world including US Finals, Summit, D2 Summit, Worlds and may other wonderful events throughout the country.
Over the past decade, Jessica has guided many High School teams in St. John’s county to very successful seasons as competitive High School teams and in 2010 Jessica began assisting school programs including: Ponte Vedra High School who obtained runner up at FSSAA State their first year training together, Nease High School, Bartram Trail who are repeat FHSAA State champions and UCA National Champions, Creekside High School FHSAA State Champion, Mandarin High School.  Throughout the years she has mentored her staff to be able to utilize her philosophies and training toolbox to continue the legacy bringing in many new programs to train at Zone Cheer including:  Swiss Point Middle School, Valley Ridge Academy, Pine Island Academy, Pacetti Bay Middle School.  Owner, Jessica Moltisanti t says "Competitive School Cheer is what sparked her love for the sport, that is where it all began”  To be able to continue giving back to the community by assisting in building strong programs throughout the county is something she holds near to her heart.  
Jessica believes with hard work and dedication all the athletes will be able to experience the success and positive life of competitive cheer.  In 2014 & 2015 Jessica was also nominated for the USASF Coach of the year and made it to the top 3 finalist in the entire country attended the World’s Gala where she sat amongst the best of the best coaches in the industry.  She has also participated on many industry boards including:  the USASF Regional Advisory Board, the USASF National Advisory, 2021 FHSAA Winter Sport Advisory Committee, Varsity Southeast Team Blue, UFCG Leadership committee.  Jessica will always use her passion for the cheer industry to continue to learn and excel as a coach and gym owner while assisting the industry coaches and athletes in our community to utilize the sport of cheerleading to grow as individuals.  Every year she will continue to work her heart our to offer the best of the best at Zone Cheer Allstars, for all of her athlete that walk through her doors.  Her Zone Cheer vision will never change and she is confident, Zone Cheer will continue to grow with the support of our community and she will continue to give young athletes a place to build athleticism as well as good character, while staying safe in their skills and supervised after school and continue to bring awareness to overall strength in athleticism, character & education. 
Amelia- Front Desk Manager

Amelia aka Grandma Zone is in our office to help your every need. She takes care of our registration,  scheduling, payments and any question you can think of. She is happy to assist you with anything. 

Chelsey Mark- All Star Director
“I started cheerleading and gymnastics when I was 5 years old. When I started high school I focused solely on cheer and continued through college. Cheering at Florida State is one of my biggest accomplishments and I made so many amazing memories. My favorite memory is cheering on FSU during the National Championship win in 2014!”
My biggest passion and goal going into this new role is to teach and help athletes of all stages in their cheer careers reach their individual and team goals. I also plan to teach the athletes all of the lifelong lessons, discipline, and perseverance I've learned through out my time cheerleading.  I am so excited to begin this journey with the Zone Family!!  



Samantha Burke - Assistant Director
Hello! My name is Samantha and this will be 10th year coaching all-star cheerleading! As a Zone alum, I'm excited to be back with the zone family to share my passion and knowledge of this sport!
I'm a Varsity Judge for both school and all-star competitions and have worked as a former staff member for the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA). I also have my USASF credentials in levels 1-6 and I’m experienced in coaching those levels for tumbling and stunting. 
Throughout my career, I've coached many teams, helping them to win national championships in various competitions including NCA, UCA, CHEERSPORT, and more! I’m excited to back a part of the Zone family and can’t wait to see what my future holds with this amazing program!
Jacob Mark- All Star Coach
I was born in Richmond, Virginia and raised in Lake Worth, Florida. I've played a few different competitive sports throughout my life, including football and wrestling. I got involved in competitive cheerleading my senior year of high school. During my first cheerleading practice I was in awe of the two Florida State guys that were there to help out. After that day I was addicted and worked as hard as I could to make the FSU Co-Ed team. I cheered at FSU from 2010-2014. Our coed team cheered for football, basketball, and volleyball. I was lucky enough to also be voted captain by my peers during my final two years on the team. One of my favorite memories from FSU was cheering on the winning Seminoles during the 2013 National Championship game in Pasadena, CA. I graduated in May of 2015 with a double major in Political Science and International Affairs. I currently work for Kloeckner Metals, a metal service center, as a Processing/Sales Assistant.
Hailey- All Star Coach / Tumble Coach
I am originally from New York and moved to Florida a couple years ago! I did allstar cheer for 13 years and ended with Star Athletics. I also did Varsity cheer for 5 years. All I know is cheer and now I’m so proud to be able to coach and watch from the outside of it all! A couple of my proudest accomplishments are winning the Summit, and being a 2x Cheer Sport champ. I am so excited to be able to teach and coach these athletes things they can carry with inside and outside of the gym. It is my first year coaching at Zone & I couldn’t be more excited for the bonds and friendships I will make with the athletes and coaches! My goal as a coach is to make a good impact on anyone’s life possible, whether it’s me encouraging them to try a new skill, or give advice about the real world. I hope to pass along some of the lessons, intensity, and determination I’ve learned throughout my years of cheering! Can’t wait for this season and the memories to come along with it!
Emily - All Star Coach / Tumble Coach
I was born and raised in Saint Augustine Fl doing several sports growing up. I started Cheerleading around the age of 8 and started competitively around 13. I have been with Zone Cheer as an athlete for 4 seasons and I am now a freshman at The University of North Florida. I am so excited to continue my time at Zone but as a coach this time!

Kim - Tumbling Coach

Kim Balazic comes to us with 35 years of experience coaching both recreational and competitive gymnastics from Parent and Tot through College Level 10. She is passionate about the sport and brings a great amount of knowledge that will bring a great asset to our program! Kim is a former member and Captain of the Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR (1997-2000)…former UCF Cheerleader and UCA National Staff Member. Kim is a married mother of 4 children and proud “Nonnie” of 3 beautiful grandchildren Kherington, Kayson and Keegan. Her favorite hobbies are going to the beach, baseball, beach volleyball and ABSOLUTELY LOVES her Jaguars!!!!



 Halee Kemp - Coach & Flyer Specialist

Coach Halee has over 23 years in experience as an athlete, coach, and judge!  She loves everything about this sport from coaching Sideline, Allstars & to even running Cheerabilities programs. Coach Halee has a huge passion for the Cheerabilities division and plans to continue the growth of this program to the highest potential.

In addition, stunting is one of her strongest points as well and loves to implement flyer technique, hip control, flexibility, and overall executing flawless stunts. She has competed, won, and coached at major cheerleading competitions winning several titles. Halee was also on NCA staff while attending college at the University of Alabama where she cheered for a season as well! Her favorite part about coaching and working with athletes is bringing up their confidence and creating unique bonds to ensure growth and happiness within this sport!


 Jordyn Goldwich - Tumble & Allstar Coach

Jordyn was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, doing gymnastics and cheer most of her life. She was on Varisty cheer all 4 years of high school and was on Lady Liberty the past 3 years. She couldn’t be more excited to now be a part of our Zone staff.


Bryan Uhrich - Tumble Coach

Bryan's journey in cheerleading began in college at The Citadel, and after his first year joined the UCA Summer Camp Staff and began coaching All-Star Cheerleading. Since then, Cheerleading has afforded him many opportunities, including coaching in Australia and New Zealand.   His extensive coaching experience ranges from team and tumbling coaching to Director roles, contributing significantly to the success of teams at various events, including State and US Finals, Summit, and Worlds.

With a foundation in psychology and business administration from The Citadel and the College of Charleston, Bryan brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to his coaching roles. As Bryan continues to guide athletes to success and contribute to the cheerleading community, his vision remains focused on fostering athleticism and good character.

 Maddie Gautreau - Allstar & Tumbling Coach

I recently graduated from Matanzas High School and I was captain of the varsity cheer team. I have done cheerleading for 14 years and spent 4 of those amazing years at Zone Cheer. Throughout my years at Zone I have become a back to back UCA International Champion along with a regional grand champion. Zone has been my second home for four years and has the best environment, and such welcoming people at the gym. I can’t wait to continue being at Zone as a coach!




Katherine (Kat)  - Allstar Coach


Hi, I am Coach Kat. My love for cheerleading began in the world of All-Star cheerleading at the young age of 12, sparking my passion for the sport. I started coaching with a recreational competition cheerleading team before transitioning to the realm of middle school competitive cheer. I am thrilled to be a part of the coaching team here at Zone. Coaching has evolved into a true passion for me as I find joy in developing young athletes, and watching their growth, and pushing them to reach their full potential. As we approach the upcoming season at Zone, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to guide our athletes towards progress and success. My main objective this season is to instill in our athletes the values of sportsmanship, commitment, and confidence, shaping them into well-rounded individuals both on and off the mat.

Ashlyn - Allstar & Tumble Coach
Hi, I am Coach Ashlyn! I am originally from St. Augustine. I am an incoming UNF student pursuing an English degree. I cheered for 13 years and am a Zone Cheer alumni! This will be my sixth season coaching All-Stars and I’m so excited to join the Zone fam!